Lenzip Zipper Terminology
CHAIN:  The continuous piece that is formed when both halves of a zipper are meshed together

TEETH:  The individual elements that make up the chain

MATERIAL:  Refers to the type of chain that is used in the construction of the zipper, such as metal chain, molded plastic chain or coil chain
GAUGE:  Refers to the specific size of the elements

STYLE:   Refers to the manner in which the zipper is assembled for a particular application

SLIDER:  The device that moves up and down the chain to open or close the zipper

PULL TAB:  The part of the slider that you hold to move the slider up or down the chain

TAPE:  The fabric part of the zipper

TAPE WIDTH:  Refers to the width of the fabric on one side only, of the zipper chain

TAPE ENDS:  The fabric part of the zipper that extends beyond the teeth, at the top and bottom of the zipper

TOP STOP:  Two devices affixed to each side adjacent to the tooth at the top end of the zipper

BOTTOM STOP:  A device affixed to the bottom of the chain to prevent the slider from coming off

PIN:  A component used on a separating (open end) zipper that is inserted into the slider

BOX:  A component used on a separating (open end) zipper that correctly aligns the pin

HEAT SEAL PATCH:  The laminated material fused to the bottom end of a separating zipper, used to reinforce the tape to accommodate the pin and box components

CONTINUOUS CHAIN:  Any zipper material or gauge that is continuously spooled without sliders or stops

CUT-TO-LENGTH ZIPPERS:  Any zipper that is finished to a specific length with all components attached

HEAT WELDABLE ZIPPERS:  Any zipper that has a strip of plastic fused to each half of the zipper tape to allow a manufacturer to electronically "weld" the zipper onto the garment or item that is being made, without the need of sewing or stitching