How To Order A Zipper
  1.  Determine the zipper material that is best suited for your application.  Refer to our "Zipper Materials" section for information about the different materials that are used to construct a zipper and which may be best for your intended use
  2. Determine the "Style" of the zipper.  You will need to know how the zipper is to be assembled in a specific style to best suit your application.  Please refer to our "Zipper Styles" section for detailed information
  3.  Determine the size of the zipper, not the length, but the gauge of the zipper teeth.  How big or strong do you need the zipper to be?  The higher the gauge number, the larger the teeth on the zipper resulting in stronger cross-wise pull strength on the zipper chain
  4. Evaluate the different types of sliders that are available to use for your zipper.  Autolocking or nonlocking, single pull or double pull, standard pulls or fancy pulls.  Please see our "Slider Choices" section for photographs and clear descriptions of all or our slider choices
  5. Measure your application and determine the proper length for the zipper.  Zippers are always measured from component-to-component and never include the extra fabric at each end of the zipper. If in doubt about the exact length you may need, order the zipper longer, never shorter.  Please see our "Color & Length" section for clear illustrations of how to properly measure the length of a zipper
  6. Select the appropriate color choice for your needs. Lenzip stocks nearly 40 colors of dyed material ready to be made into zippers.  Not all material choices and/or gauges are available in every color choice
  7. Determine the quantity of zippers that you will need.  All Lenzip zippers are made-to-order, minimum order quantities may apply based on the type of zipper selected.
  8. Call Lenzip at 847-368-9000.  Our courteous, knowledgeable sales consultants will review your information and answer any questions you may have