Helpful Hints
  • Lenzip can make any length zipper you require, even 1/2" increments

  • Many manufacturers choose a zipper in continuous form.  This is a practical and economical way to meet your zipper needs if your application does not require a separating (open end) zipper.  All of our zipper materials are available in continuous form at various put-ups (yardage on each spool) based on material type and gauge

  • Lenzip manufactures a vast variety of zippers conforming to Mil Specs AN229, VF-106 and A-A 55634. Certs and C of C’s are available at no additional charge

  • Lenzip can design and develop a custom logo pull for your slider. Minimum order quantities will apply

  • If your needs require a fire retardant or high-temperature resistant zipper, Lenzip offers zippers made from DuPont Nomex® tape material.  All Lenzip Nomex® zippers are tested and certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory

  • Always measure the required zipper length twice.  If in doubt about the exact length needed, order the zipper longer, never shorter.  Most zippers can be easily shortened if necessary.