Water Resistant Zippers
Water Resistant Coil Zipper with Shiny Finish Water Resistant Coil Zipper with Matte Finish
Reverse Bail Slider has pull mounted on flat side of coil chain Standard Bail Slider has pull mounted on tooth side of coil chain

Many applications may benefit from a zipper that incorporates water resistant properties.

LENZIP offers coil tooth zippers in several gauges with a highly water resistant polyurethane coating. These zippers are NOT 100% waterproof, but will provide a significant moisture barrier.

The polyurethane coating is available in a shiny finish or matte finish.

Reverse bail sliders are typically used on water resistant zippers allowing the pull-tab of the slider to be mounted on the coated side of the zipper. Standard bail sliders may also be used on water resistant zippers, however, the pull –tab will be on the non-coated side of the zipper.



LENZIP offers its exclusive RAINDEFYER #10 water resistant zipper made with 316 Polished Stainless Steel sliders and pin & box components. This zipper offers the ultimate in moisture protection, strength and durability with corrosion proof components.