Molded Tooth Zippers

All LENZIP molded tooth zippers are made from DuPont Delrin UV stable resins. Additionally, the tape of the molded tooth zippers are UV protected to resist yellowing and degradation.

Many zipper manufacturers will incorporate regrinds into their resin products. Regrinds are scrap plastic material that is reused to reduce costs. This practice adversely affects the molecular structure of the resins and results in a final product that is more susceptible to a weak product and premature failure. LENZIP uses only 100% virgin resins and never regrinds or uses sub-standard resin materials.

LENZIP produces 5 different gauges of molded plastic zippers; No. 5, No. 8, No. 10, No. 12 and No. 15.

No.5 Gauge

No.8 Gauge

No.10 Gauge

No.12 Gauge

No.15 Gauge