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Metal tooth zippers can be lubricated to allow easier “meshing” of the metal teeth. Zippers are a mechanical device much like a gear. Occasional lubrication of metal tooth zippers is perfectly acceptable. Use a wax like product or even a candle to apply directly to the metal teeth. Do not use a spray lubricant. Plastic tooth zippers (either molded plastic or coil) should NOT be lubricated. Lenzip molded plastic zippers are made from DuPont Delrin® acetal resins. These resins are very strong and need no lubrication. Coil zippers should never need lubrication.
No. The components at the bottom of an open end zipper are fastened to the zipper with specialized equipment that includes a punch press and dies made specific to the size and shape of the component. Attempting to attach these components without this equipment will result in a mis-formed component that will not allow the zipper to operate properly. Lenzip does not sell pin and box components.
All Lenzip zippers are guaranteed for the life of the zipper. Lenzip zippers are guaranteed against defective materials and/or workmanship for the life of the zipper. Any zipper returned and so found, will be replaced by a new zipper free of charge. Our liability in connection with the use of Lenzip zippers is limited, however, to the value of the zipper.
Minimum orders are based on the gauge and style of the zipper ordered. Typically, the minimum would be 50 pieces of exactly the same style, length and color. Smaller gauge zippers would require a 100 piece minimum of the same style, length and color. Exceptions to minimum order requirements would be zippers of an unusual length or configuration.
All Lenzip zippers can comply with U.S. Government specifications AN-229, VF-106 and A-A-55634
Typically, orders for cut-to-length zippers are made and shipped in 10 days to 2 weeks. Stocked zippers ship within 24 hours. Emergency orders can be accommodated to make sure your production line keeps moving. All continuous chain and slider orders ship within 24 hours.
Yes, Lenzip produces a line of Fire Resistant zippers made with Nomex® tape that has been tested and certified to 5 of the most demanding applications for fire-fighting apparel and turn-out gear.
Yes. We can make zippers from about 2″ long to over 8,000″ long
Lenzip stocks zippers for immediate shipment for the marine industry. These zippers are #8 and #10 molded plastic zippers in standard marine lengths and made with standard marine sliders. All other types of zippers are made-to-order due to the thousands of various materials, colors, length and slider choices that are available. Standard lead times will prevail for all non-stocked cut-to-length zippers.
Lenzip can create a custom logo slider. Clean artwork is required in disk format and costs depend on the complexity of the logo. Samples would be submitted for your approval prior to the production run. There is a one-time, non-reoccurring cost to produce the mold necessary to create the custom pull. Costs for such molds are quoted indivually, based on the tooling required. Minimum orders are required for production runs. These minimums may range from 10,000 pieces to 25,000 pieces depending on the size/shape of the pull. Costs for such custom pulls are quoted individually.
On large orders, we can accommodate a certain color request. We do not provide sample dye lots or provide special order colors on small quantity runs of non-stocked colors. Please refer to our color list for our standard colors.
Lenzip zippers are assembled in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Much of the raw material used to make Lenzip zippers is manufactured in the United States. Some components used are from foreign sources.
We are exploring options to sell webbing in smaller quantities, but unfortunately all webbing products are currently sold by the spool. In several cases, we offer different length spools to better fit your needs.

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