Corporate Timeline


1946... Leonard J Lichtenstein establishes Leonard Distributing Company in the basement of his father’s tailor shop on the North side of Chicago, Illinios, selling zippers by the dozens to cleaners and tailors throughout the country

1958... Leonard J Lichtenstein purchases zipper producing equipment from a bankrupt zipper manufacturer in downstate Illinois

1961... Company moves to a larger facility to accommodate the continuing expansion and development of new products

1963... Leonard Distributing Company changes its name to Lenzip Manufacturing Corporation to better reflect the nature of the business

1967... Lenzip moves once again, to a larger facility

1977... (July 18) 5 alarm fire destroys the entire plant and much of the offices of Lenzip Manufacturing Corporation. Over 200 firefighters and 60 pieces of equipment could not save the business. Losses exceed $1,000,000

1977... (August) Lenzip relocates to a larger facility and begins the rebuilding process that would take over 3 years to complete

1981... Production begins on molded plastic zippers soon followed with coil zippers

1985...Nomex® fire retardant zippers are added to the production line

1989... (August 3) Leonard J Lichtenstein passes away at age 68, business continues with his son

1996... Lenzip celebrates its 50th anniversary

2002... The first flight to build the International Space Station carries Lenzip zippers on board, securing heavy loads

2004... The creation and development of BIGZIP®, the super premium #15 UV stable molded plastic zipper and the introduction of Raindefyer®, the water resistant zipper

2007... Lenzip moves Rolling Meadows, Illinois a northwest suburb of Chicago. This is the largest facility to date, with over 77,000 square feet

2008... Lenzip begins offering fire retardant Nomex® zippers made with plastic teeth. Zippers are tested and recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratory®

2011...A new and completely redesigned web site is launched giving viewers the most comprehensive and informative web site in the industry